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A Battle Approaches Poem

A Battle Approaches
Far from the desert wastelands abroad
Far from the all-seeing eye in the sky
An old war begins
My foe is elusive and yet strangely familiar
A seeming architect of absolute victory…
He is presented in a sudden reflection
And the clouds clear and the sun lays its rays of life upon the earth
It is in this moment of clarity that I see my foe.


The End
Cry when I'm gone, but realize I am only away for a moment.
Time is the unrelenting beast knocking on life's door,
An inevitable consequence of mankind.
Fear not for my descent into oblivion will be the work of the beast, not by man.
As he approaches, meet him at the gates.
Stand firm and fall free.
We shall be reunited in whatever end follows the beast.


Alone In The Dark
Lost in darkness with no light in sight
Wandering Day to Day, half cloaked in the midst of uncertainty
As day complements Night… So is my Darkness to Society’s light
Unacceptable Darkness in a world of laws created by man
And the struggle to remain partly in the shadows, seen as a single leaf among leaves.