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Alone In The Dark
Lost in darkness with no light in sight
Wandering Day to Day, half cloaked in the midst of uncertainty
As day complements Night… So is my Darkness to Society’s light
Unacceptable Darkness in a world of laws created by man
And the struggle to remain partly in the shadows, seen as a single leaf among leaves.
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At least this shows you really care, since it’s from the heart, it’s prabboly a really good poem, and showing something really well written is better than showing something rubbish at any rate.If you’re really not comfortable however, write something else that you are comfortable showing people. Try not to let the quality suffer by actually writing a poem about not wanting to show people your work. Be ironic.(Whenever you seem to hit a wall creatively, you can get around it by writing about hitting that wall. Or write about your frustration etc, it’s a nice little trick that keeps it meaningful)


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