Help Create Jobs

Help Create Jobs

   Are you a veteran struggling to find work? or maybe you have a job and your just tired of the same routine day in and day out. Then maybe entrepreneurship is for you. Did you know roughly 2.5 million veterans own businesses?

    Many times veterans have served their country for years and come home to find difficulties in the job force. Fortunately, there are several options for former servicemen and women to own their own business. The Small Business Administration has great resources available via the web for veterans who are looking to own their own business. Firstly don't let your VA education benefits go to waste. I was able to start my business and fund it's early growth with the money I got from BAH. I lived in my warehouse for free and was able to focus on growing company. I understand that not everyone can do this but don't rule that option out. Along with the SBA check out Business USA as a valuable resource. From starting up, to obtaining financing, to how to grow your business, I wish I knew about these resources when I was early. I just built my business through good ol fashion sweat equity, but honestly that is my style. I found that the harder something is the more I retain the lessons learned. School of hard knocks is a real university and that education is priceless. 

   So, what are some things that are important to remember when deciding to start your own business? Well, although there are great resources and opportunities available for veterans, you should first understand that when you start your own business you are in competition with yourself. If you set your standard of work ethic and integrity so high above anyone that could compete against you, then like I said your in competition with yourself. Everyone is looking to automate everything these days but the truth is business is nothing more than people talking to people. It's all about building relationships and maintaining them. Be a resource for your clients and help them, don't try to just profit off them like so many large corporations. Be Different! 

Use all the skills you have acquired in the military and apply them to your life and work. Then don't stop and keep improving those skills and adding new ones. Education never stops you don't need a degree from a school to be successful. All the information that a school can give you, you can get from a local library. Make a plan, research the area you want to dominate then do it! Being a business owner means a lot more than just being in charge. You will work harder and longer than anyone in your organization, Trust me. If you don't then entrepreneurship probably isn't for you. Yes you have the ability to get massive rewards but only for being outstanding. Being Excellent at what you do makes you average in the business world. 

Outstanding = All the Rewards

Excellent = Good Rewards

Good = Poor Rewards

Poor = No Rewards

The difference from Excellent to Outstanding is so small but the rewards you receive for that small difference is so ridiculous. That is who you need to aspire to be outstanding. Mind set is everything.  You must love what you deiced to do so much that you don't consider it work. If you pick the right thing you will never work another day. You will just be having fun doing what you love. 



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