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Which Print Method to Choose #1

Today I will talk about Screen Printing and how it can help your business and when you should use it. 

Currently one of the biggest sectors that is growing very fast is E-commerce. No surprise right. So if your not selling your goods online you are leaving money on the table and could be putting your business at risk. 

So as with all business maximizing profit is essential. With that in mind, that is what I'll be discussing because if your successful then we will be successful. 

Screen Printing
By far the fastest and most cost effective printing method available. We currently have the ability to print 6 colors but will be able to do 8 colors by the end of the year. (New Press being built as I'm typing this) 

1. Cost effective ( Get shirt printed for under a dollar!)
2. Longest Lasting Prints 
3. Can be used on a variety of different materials.

1. Minimum orders (24 shirts is ours) 
2. Cost per color

Now how do you over come the two main disadvantages of Screen Printing? 

First did you know how easy it is to get a sellers permit? Those of you in business most likely have one depending what state your in and what not.  Do you know what that will allow you to do? One of the highest costs are the shirts themselves. Actually they cost more than the printing. So if you buy your own shirts you can easily lower your investment by 50%. 

Most Screen Printing companies wont tell you this or will not even accept client provided garments because they lose out on so much money. (we do)  Good news for you is we don't classify ourselves as a Screen Printing Company we are an Imaging Consulting Company. Our main focus is to make you look and feel great while helping you grow your business. 

So once you acquire your sellers permit that will allow you to open up accounts at distribution levels and allow you to get your garments at wholesale cost. This little time investment can really save you tons of money. Take a look at our Distributors Page to find one that you like. These are the very same companies that we use to purchase our garments. 

Now when it comes to the second disadvantage of screen printing, Cost per color. Screen printing uses stencils for each color so the more color the time and effort goes into your job, hence the increase in cost. The only two ways to effectivly counter this is to 1. Increase the number of shirts in your order. 2. Lower the amount of ink in your design. 

Example 1: 24 shirts that you provide and we print a 1 color design. 

White Gildan T-shirt - 1.85

Single Color Print - 2.20

Total 4.07

Example 2: 288 shirts you provide and we print a 1 color design. 

White Gildan T-shirt - 1.85

Single Color Print - .80 (printing for under a dollar) 

Total 2.65

Turning 265 people into walking billboards for only 2.65 per. WOW what marketing item can do that? Nothing can because that is just the initial investment and the value will continue to grow each time they wear the T-shirt. Even at the 24 shirt example that is still pretty impressive. 

I hope this was informational and I will continue to update.

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